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Obegi Launches the Revolutionary Wetsuit System

22 October 2015


WETSUIT: A spray-able, cold applied, water-based, self-adhered, long lasting, environmentally safe system


BEIRUT, LEBANON - October 22, 2015 - Obegi Chemicals announced the launch of their innovative and revolutionary WETSUIT system across the Middle East during an event at the Villa Venue - Dbayeh, gathering architects, consultants, contractors and high profile potential customers.


Due to its instant set time, WETSUIT, this state of the art waterproofing system, can be sprayed to any mil thickness in a single pass, thus creating a truly custom and precise membrane allowing ease of application and greatly reducing installation costs and environmental impact. 


When Wetsuit is applied, 80% cures in just 3 seconds and even immediate unpredicted rain cannot wash it away. The rest cures in 12-48 hours depending on humidity & heat.

WETSUIT comes with a guarantee of 20 years and a life expectancy of 30 years.


This innovative product is used in the construction, maintenance and renovation sectors, where it has proved to be an indispensable and highly effective solution. It is applied through a spraying machine purposely designed and built for jobs that require speed, efficiency and a certified applicator to operate.


It is the only system able to deliver unrivaled quality and versatility for waterproofing in foundations, rooftops and in very challenging environments like ponds, artificial lakes or large size swimming pools. It is considered the remedy for detailed applications such as applying between concrete slabs, concrete footings and outside corners or when fully reinforced system is needed.


Mr. Yordan Obegi, CEO of Obegi Chemicals said, "By launching WETSUIT in the Middle East, our company is showing its seriousness and commitment to providing its customers with cutting edge chemistry that will allow them to remain in the lead, through technical innovation."

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